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Sarracenia areolata x rubra

Sarracenia areolata x rubra

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Sarracenia also known as the American pitcher plants are a genus of carnivorous plants exclusive to southeastern United States that produce elegant trumpet-like traps that resemble flowers at first glance. This particular Sarracenia is a cross between areolata and rubra, the result is a spectacular red plant. This beautiful hybrid is very showy and vigorous and has shown to grow well in the tropics also. The plants for sale are divisions taken in late winter and are now well established in and will be shipped potted.


Sarracenia Care Guide:

Sunlight : Sarracenia grow in full direct sunlight.

Substrate: They prefer a mix of peat moss and perlite 3:1 ratio. No fertilizers should be added to the mix. Alternatively a Sphagnum moss and perlite mix may be used.

Watering: Carnivorous plants thrive in clean water (distilled, rainwater, purified reverse-osmosis water). Sarracenia prefer to grow on the water tray method to mimic the swampy habitats they generally grow in. The water should always be present in the tray so that the plants never dry out.

Dormancy: Sarracenia have a winter dormancy period in which the plants don’t grow and should not be disturbed.

Temperature: American Pitcher Plants thrive between 40F and 95F.

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