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Philodendron micans

Philodendron micans

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The colors of this Aroid are as variable as their native jungles! One of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants to grow, Philodendron micans is one of a kind, the leaves have an exquisite coloration especially when hit by sunlight. They also have a velvety surface which makes them shimmer in bright light and is an adaptation for low light environments such as the inside of a home. A perfect dark foliage decoration for your home! 

Philodendron Care Guide

Sunlight: Philodendron are rainforest understory plants, they thrive in shady locations like the inside of a home or under bright filtered light.

Substrate: Philodendron prefer to be grown in rich and well drained soil with generous amounts of fertilizer. Perlite and orchid bark are encouraged to be added to increase drainage. Climbing types benefit from a climbing pole.

Watering: Philodendron enjoy frequent watering but need the soil to dry between waterings

Humidity: Philodendron can tolerate a wide range of humidity levels but they grow best when relative humidity is above 50%.

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