Syngonium Care Guide

Syngonium Care Guide

Syngonium is a plant genus that has amazing tropical plants for beginners plant owners. Syngoniums come in all shapes and sizes and have beautiful patterns on their leaves and stems. They're great plants for those of you who like to spend a little bit more time on your plants.

There are many different plants in the Syngonium family, but they all have similar plant care requirements. In this plant care guide, we're going to look at how you can take care of your Syngonium, keep it happy, and help it thrive.

Sunlight ☀️: The perfect sunlight exposure for this wonderful type of plant is bright, but indirect, sunlight. This conditions make syngonium a great house plant. The best place to locate a syngonium is near a south or north-facing window. 

Substrate 🪴:s: Syngoniums are very similar to philodendrons. They prefer to be grown in rich and well drained soil with generous amounts of fertilizer. Perlite and orchid bark are encouraged to be added to increase drainage.

Watering 💦 : This plants enjoy frequent watering but need the soil to dry for one or two days between waterings.

Humidity ☁️: Syngoniums, like most tropical plants can tolerate a wide range of humidity levels but they grow best when relative humidity is above 50%

Fertilizer 🌱: Solid pellet fertilizer and liquid fertilizer may be used in small quantities once a month to promote consistent growth.

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