Drosera Care Guide:

Drosera Care Guide:

Sunlight: Most species of Drosera prefer direct sunlight part of the day or in full sun.

Substrate: They prefer a mix of peat moss and perlite 3:1 ratio. No fertilizers should be added to the mix. Alternatively a Sphagnum moss and perlite mix may be used.

Watering: Sundews prefer to grow on the water tray method to mimic the swampy habitats they generally grow in. The water should always be present in the tray so that the plants never dry out.

Dormancy: Almost all sundews for sale at Jurassic Plants are tropical so they don’t need a dormant period and grow all year long. Two exceptions to this are D. filiformis and D. binata which drastically reduce their growth in winter.

Temperature: Tropical sundews thrive between 55F and 90F.
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