Nepenthes Care Guide

Nepenthes Care Guide


Sunlight: Most Nepenthes species thrive in bright filtered light. Some can tolerate part direct sunlight in the weaker times of the day (morning or late afternoon)

Substrate: Tropical pitcher plants are best grown in a Sphagnum and perlite mix with a 3:1 ratio.

Watering: Nepenthes like other carnivorous plants thrive in clean water (distilled, rainwater, purified reverse-osmosis water). The substrate must always be moist, you can either water them daily or every few days depending on how long it takes the substrate to dry out. No tray of water should be used because these plants enjoy the extra oxygen on the roots.

Dormancy: Nepenthes are tropical plants so they don’t have a dormancy period, they grow all year long.

Temperature: Depending on the species or hybrid, Nepenthes are classified on three categories: highland, intermediate or lowland.
The range of temperatures for these categories are:
Highland: 55F-75F
intermediate: 65F-85F
Lowland: 75F - 95F

Humidity: These plants prefer humidity levels above 60%

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